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Forces of Valor Inside Out Series

Forces of Valor Inside Out Series

Produced in the Orient, the Forces of Valor line represents a brand new range of high quality diecast metal vehicles, aircraft, dioramas and figures. All of the vehicles feature working parts that include rotating turrets, elevating guns, movable tracks and, where applicable, removable engines.

Composition of each vehicle is approximately 85% diecast metal and 15% plastic, with most of the plastic embedded in the base of the vehicle. Also features true wire-whip antennas and metal machine guns.

These vehicles are absolutely first rate and come packaged with an array of battlefield accessories that include bed rolls, jerry cans, ammo crates, entrenching utensils, and other equipment, not to mention several figures. Most vehicles feature opening hatches, detachable parts and distressed weathering effects to the vehicle's exterior to give them a more battle hardened appearance. Note: All figures are pre-painted and made of plastic.

The Inside Out series, as its name implies, emphasizes the intricacy, ingenuity and complexity of the crew compartment found in many of the world's armored fighting vehicles. As such, these replicas feature fully modeled three-dimensional interiors that are designed to show off some of the incredible detail found within each all-new combat vehicle. Where applicable, each crew station has been accurately modeled, along with ammunition stowage racks, ordnance, weapons and other important gear typically found within a vehicle that heretofore haven't been correctly replicated by any of the major modelmakers.

#FOV801060A - German RW61 Sturmtiger Rocket Assault Mortar (1:32 Scale)