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Promotional Offers

    The Motor Pool's "March Madness" 15% Off Sale!

    He shoots from the 3-point line - score! Yep, as you might imagine, college basketball season also marks the start of our annual 15% off March Madness Sale! From now until March 31st, you can enjoy a whopping 15% discount off the price of any item in our inventory, be it in-stock merchandise, back ordered items or upcoming pre-order releases. Please enter discount code "TMP245" in the coupon box just prior to final checkout. Sale ends midnight, Friday, March 31st, 2023, at 12:00 AM. May not be combined with any other sales discount. Note: Please be aware that we do not retroactively enter sales discounts if you forget to apply the coupon code so please make sure you enter it correctly at the time you check out. Also, there are no longer any restrictions concerning which lines may not qualify for this discount. However, in the case of Hobby Master, the MAP price is in effect for six months after each item is received so, in effect, we must abide by the MAP price even when a sale is running. After the six month expiration date, you may apply any discounts we may offer to an item's MAP to reap greater savings.

    Promotion Duration: February 23rd-March 31st
    Classification: Sales Discount

    Free Ground Shipping for In-Stock Orders of $250 or More!

    With the recent changes to the way the US Postal Service calculates shipping rates, we've decided to bring back our free shipping offer for orders of $250 or more. Keep in mind that all of the items on your order must be listed as being in-stock to qualify. Please do not include items marked as being on back order, pre-orders or special order merchandise. Non-qualifying items will be removed from your order and we will contact you to see how you wish to proceed. If the order falls below $250, then normal shipping rates apply. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    Promotion Duration: January 1st-December 31st
    Classification: Shipping Discount

    The Great Motor Pool Give Away!

    In years past, we would often times run a promotion where we ended up giving away a freebie as a token of our appreciation. For 2018, we decided to resurrect this give away, this time with a bit of a twist. Beginning May 1st and ending December 31st, 2018, whom ever purchases the most product from us, measured in terms of net dollars, will receive Forces of Valor?s upcoming Extreme Metal 1:16 scale Tiger I heavy tank. Obviously, said merchandise must have been purchased and shipped within this time frame, and any returns will be counted against this total. Pre-orders for merchandise expected to ship after January 1st, 2019, will not count towards this promotion. Moreover, purchases made on eBay or any other online marketplace will not count towards the total amount spent.

    So what makes this promotion so special? Well, if you go on eBay, some of the earliest Extreme Metal products are commanding well in excess of $2,000 US, a five-fold increase in its original asking price. As a result, many people have made quite a killing by buying and storing these items, often times purchasing multiples of these tanks with the notion of selling them down-the-road at a huge profit. Others have kept their prized possession, passing up loads of money so they can say they own one of these beasts.

    Keep in mind that whoever wins this promotion will be responsible for covering the shipping cost and may, if they so choose, decline accepting this item. In such case, we will contact the customer that placed the second largest total amount with us to gauge their interest. Lastly, when last we spoke with the manufacturer, the latest vehicle in the series was slated to be a mid-production Tiger I tank. This may have changed since last we spoke with them, so we will post information and pictures of the vehicle as soon as they formally announce it.

    Note: Please do not contact us asking how much you have spent during the promotion period. You can determine how much you have spent by simply logging in to your account then clicking on the Review Orders/Track Packages link under the My Orders section. Any requests will be referred back to this message. No exceptions.

    Promotion Duration: January 1st-December 31st
    Classification: Promotional Discount