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We can be reached via any of the following methods:

By Mail:
The Motor Pool
Nordwind at Winding Ridge
3197 Acacia Bay Avenue
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543-7315

By Phone:
(813) 406-5649
From December 21st - October 31st
Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM EST
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Mon-Sun 8AM-8PM EST
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[email protected]

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From December 21st - October 31st
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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do you repurchase merchandise?
Answer: No, we do not buy back merchandise. Please do not contact us to sell us your collection or gauge our interest in an estate sale. You will likely get the best results by selling your items on eBay and/or a similar venue.

Question: Are you a wholesaler and/or a distributor?
Answer: No, we are not a wholesaler. Please do not contact us asking for a wholesale pricing discount.

Question: Do you repair broken or incomplete items?
Answer: We do not repair broken items nor do we provide spare parts. Your best option is to contact the manufacturer directly.

Question: Do you hold merchandise?
Answer: No, we do not hold merchandise. While we do make every effort to combine shipments to reduce shipping cost, our goal is to turn around orders as quickly as possible. Moreover, we do not have the storage space to hold merchandise indefinitely. If you do not agree to accept delivery of an item when it does come in, then we will offer it for general sale, even if it means we must remove it from your order. We are sorry, but we are not a Lay-Away business. We have invoices to pay whether or not we sell newly received items or they sit on our warehouse shelves. No business can succeed if it means they must wait an eternity to get paid for services rendered.

Question: Will you use a different carrier other than FedEx, USPS or UPS?
Answer: No, we use these three carriers for all of our domestic shipping depending upon costs, and the USPS for all international shipments. Please do not ask us to use a different carrier, for whatever reason. If you refuse to accept an order mailed to you via these carriers, then your only option is to use a different vendor.

Question: An item is marked as being "sold out." Do you anticipate getting it back in stock within the foreseeable future?
Answer: That's a difficult question to answer. In most instances, an item marked as being "sold out" means we are no longer able to obtain it from our suppliers. It does not mean it is sold out everywhere, and it is entirely possible it could still be available from other dealers or after market selling venues. Having said that, there have been occasions where a line has been resurrected for one reason or another, either repackaged to be included in a brand new range from an entirely different manufacturer or brought back for nostalgic or new marketing opportunities. For instance, several of the Eaglemoss 1:43 scale military vehicles have been offered anew or modified by Schuco and Atlas Editions, so, if you don't mind waiting or perhaps purchasing an item in different packaging, then the answer to this question isn't quite as straightforward.

Question: Do you have a physical storefront I can visit and do you provide a printed catalog?
Answer: We do not maintain a physical store front. And, in this digital age, we do not produce a printed catalog. From time-to-time we may run printed advertisements to help promote a line but this does not mean we offer a printed catalog. Our web site is updated daily, so you will find the most current information on new items, upcoming items and other related matters here on our web site.

Question: I live outside the US. Can you quote me with shipping costs if I provide you with a list of items I wish to purchase?
Answer: We do not provide individualized shipping quotes for international destinations. While we do ship to most countries outside of the US we strongly recommend reading and following the directions outlined on our First-Time User Information page to determine the ultimate cost of shipping merchandise to you. Also, keep in mind that shipping costs do not cover VAT or any customs fees your country might impose on a shipment entering your country.

Question: Are the release dates shown written in stone?
Answer: Absolutely not. To begin with, we do not claim to be an authority on release dates. We contact the manufacturers and distributors periodically to see if the original forecast dates for a product's release has to be amended. Based upon what they tell us, some items move up on the schedule and some get pushed back. We have no control over this process. Moreover, these are collectibles produced by relatively small manufacturers that do their best when it comes to dealing with labor or material shortages, changes to a mold, the vagaries of international finance, logistics, etc. Please do not contact us saying that "so-and-so has been waiting for such-and-such product for months on end" or that someone's birthday is coming up, a graduation, etc. We are at the mercy of the manufacturer's release schedule, so if you need something in a hurry, we strongly suggest ordering those items listed as being in stock rather than pinning your hopes on an item that may or may not come out when it supposedly gets finished.

Question: How often do you ship out orders?
Answer: Typically once per day although during the holiday season or when we receive highly anticipated items, we can oftentimes ship out multiple times per day. As a general rule, however, our order cut off time during week days is around 1PM, so that we can pick, pack and hand off a parcel to the USPS the same day. Our USPS courier usually stops by in the early afternoon where we pass along any parcels ready for shipment. In the case of UPS and FedEx, we have to visit our local drop off point in town and typically do so in the early to late afternoon after our USPS hand off has been made.

Question: When a highly requested item finally comes in how do you process orders?
Answer: Simple, orders are processed based upon the date they were received, the oldest orders addressed first and so on. It doesn't make a difference if you paid us up front for an item. We never asked you to pre-pay for an item so using that as a strategy to obtain an item ahead of others doesn't fly with us.

If we do not have your credit card information on file, we will contact you either by email or by phone and request the information be submitted to us or ask that you place the order again and we'll subsequently cancel the original order since its authorization code is no longer valid. If you ignore our requests for payment or come up with some sort of lame excuse why you cannot make payment, then the order is cancelled and your account is permanently closed including the loss of any accrued Frequent Shopper Points. We do this for one simple reason - we are not here to finance your orders. If you walk away from an order then you are more than likely going to do it to us again and again and so we take steps to prevent that from recurring. Moreover, your ability to order the same item through a marketplace site is blocked as well. Sorry, but these are collectibles and we are not here to lay out money on your behalf while you deliberate if you still want the item after it has arrived and ready to be shipped out. Its a harsh response on our part but after doing this for over two decades, we're tired of dealing with people that hide when their bill is due. Learn to respect us and we will be more than happy to do the same in return.

Lastly, there is no appeals process should we elect to close out your account. At this point, there likely isn't a point at which we can meet one another halfway to resolve the issue at hand. You've decided to walk away from your order and we've decided that you're a deadbeat.

Question: Can I pick up an order in person?
Answer: The short answer is no. While it was convenient for us as well as our customers when we were based in New York, we have decided not to continue this practice here in Florida due to the distances involved with a potential rendezvous site. All outbound orders valued at $100 or above must be shipped out to the customer's billing address. No exceptions.