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Star Trek Klingon Raptor Class Scout Starship [With Collector Magazine]
Star Trek Klingon Raptor Class Scout Starship [With Collector Magazine]

Eaglemoss Star Trek Klingon Raptor Class Scout Starship [With Collector Magazine]

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Eaglemoss EMST0041 Star Trek Klingon Raptor Class Scout Starship [With Collector Magazine] "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
- Science Officer Spock

The Raptor-class scout vessel was a small battle cruiser utilized by the Klingon Empire during the mid-22nd century.

The Klingon Raptor was a type of scout ship first encountered by the Vulcans sometime prior to 2151. As such, the vessel was listed in the Vulcan database, however, much of the information on the class remained classified.

The first Earth encounter with a Raptor came in 2151, when the Starfleet ship Enterprise stumbled across the disabled IKS Somraw within the atmosphere of a class 9 gas giant, where it was being crushed by the planet's brutal atmospheric pressure.

With the crew apparently incapacitated, an Enterprise boarding party worked to restore the ship's propulsion systems and regain altitude. Though eventually successful, the boarding party became trapped on the ship, allowing them time to explore the interior of a Klingon vessel the first Humans to ever do so.

Schematics for the Raptor-class also appeared in Daniels' 31st century database. Upon viewing the Raptor, among other Klingon vessel classes, Malcolm Reed noted that there were "schematics on half a dozen different Klingon ships," but was reminded by Jonathan Archer that acquiring information on those ships was not the reason why they were accessing the database. Now in stock!

Length: 5 inches

Release Date: July 2015

Historical Account: "The Klingons" - are a fictional extraterrestrial humanoid warrior species in the science fiction franchise Star Trek.

Klingons are recurring antagonists in the 1960s television series Star Trek: The Original Series, and have appeared in all five spin-off series, along with eight of the feature films. Initially intended to be antagonists for the crew of the USS Enterprise, the Klingons became a close ally of humanity and the United Federation of Planets in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In the 1990s series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the United Federation of Planets briefly goes to war with the Klingons. Later in that series, the two join together with the Romulans to fight the Dominion.

As originally developed by screenwriter Gene L. Coon, Klingons were swarthy humanoids characterized mainly by prideful ruthlessness and brutality. Totalitarian, and with a martial society relying on slave labour, they reflected analogies with both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Although Cold War tensions are apparent in the characterization, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry did not intend any explicit political parallels. With a greatly expanded budget for makeup and effects, the Klingons were completely redesigned in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), acquiring ridged foreheads that created a continuity error not explained by Star Trek canon until 2005. In later films and in the spin-off series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the militaristic traits of the Klingons were bolstered by an increased sense of honour and strict warrior code similar to those of bushido.

Among the elements created for the revised Klingons was a complete Klingon language, developed by Marc Okrand from gibberish suggested by actor James Doohan. Spoken Klingon has entered popular culture, even to the extent that the works of William Shakespeare and parts of the Bible have been translated into it. A dictionary, a book of sayings, and a cultural guide to the language have been published. According to Guinness World Records, Klingon is the world's most popular fictional language as measured by number of speakers.

  • Diecast construction
  • Accurate markings and insignia
  • Comes with display stand
  • Comes with collector magazine

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