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New!  Star Trek Deep Space Nine Space Station [With Collector Magazine] (Large Scale)
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Space Station [With Collector Magazine] (Large Scale)

Eaglemoss Star Trek Deep Space Nine Space Station [With Collector Magazine] (Large Scale)

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Eaglemoss EMSTMEGA17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Space Station [With Collector Magazine] (Large Scale) "Think of it. Five years ago no one had ever heard of Bajor or Deep Space 9 and now, all our hopes rest here."
- Gowron to Benjamin Sisko, 2373 ("By Inferno's Light")

Deep Space 9, originally known as Terok Nor, was one of the most historically, politically, and strategically important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant during the first half of the 24th century. The space station was constructed by the Cardassians in orbit of Bajor during their occupation of the planet. Under Federation administration, following the Cardassian withdrawal, the station was relocated into the Bajoran system's Denorios belt. There DS9 became a vital commercial port and defensive outpost due to its location near the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole. It later became a key strategic location during the Dominion War, for both the Dominion and the Federation Alliance.

Following the Cardassian withdrawal, the Bajoran Provisional Government petitioned for Federation membership, and also for Starfleet assistance in repairing and maintaining Terok Nor. A complex arrangement was established, in which a Starfleet officer would have overall authority in running the station, while the station remained sovereign Bajoran territory. A representative of the Bajoran Militia would serve as the station's first officer and as liaison to the Bajoran government. The station was renamed "Deep Space 9", and Benjamin Sisko was appointed as commander, at Admiral Leyton's recommendation.

As station commander, one of the most important facets of the station Sisko sought to develop was commerce. The Cardassians had allowed a small series of businesses and entertainment facilities to operate in the central, multi-level market area called the Promenade. Because almost all of the shops were owned by non-Bajorans, Sisko hoped to convince many of them to stay to help build a trade network through Bajoran space. In particular, Sisko convinced Quark, owner of Quark's, the largest establishment on the Promenade, to maintain his business on-station as an example for others, as well as to become a community leader and eventually chairman of the Promenade Merchants' Association.

The station quickly became an important facility for Starfleet. Over time, several hundred starships docked at the station for various reasons. The USS Enterprise-D was the first Starfleet ship to dock at the station in 2369, when it transported the majority of the station's Starfleet crew to take up their posts. The Enterprise also offloaded three runabouts. The Enterprise returned to DS9 several weeks later to help repair the Bajoran aqueduct systems that had been damaged during the Occupation. The USS Voyager docked at Deep Space 9 in 2371 on its way to the Badlands to search for the Maquis ship Val Jean. It was the last Alpha Quadrant locale the crew of Voyager visited before being transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. Five years later, the station helped Starfleet Command to contact Voyager in the Delta Quadrant by providing interstellar phenomena forecasts. Pre-order! Ship Date: 2020.

Diameter: 6-inches

Release Date: ?

  • Diecast construction
  • Accurate markings and insignia
  • Comes in a collector box
  • Comes with collector magazine

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