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Soviet T-72B with ERA Main Battle Tank - 1980 (1:72 Scale)
Soviet T-72B with ERA Main Battle Tank, 1980

Modelcollect Soviet T-72B with ERA Main Battle Tank, 1980

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Modelcollect AS72050 Soviet T-72B with ERA Main Battle Tank, 1980 (1:72 Scale) "Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy."
- George Frost Kennan, American advisor, diplomat, political scientist, and historian, best known as "the father of containment" and as a key figure in the emergence of the Cold War

The T-72, which entered production in 1971, was first seen in public in 1977. The T-72, introduced in the early 1970s, is not a further development of the T-64, but rather a parallel design chosen as a high-production tank complementing the T-64. The T-72 retains the low silhouette of the T-54/55/62 series, featuring a conventional layout with integrated fuel cells and stowage containers which give a streamlined appearance to the fenders. While the T-64 was deployed only in forward-deployed Soviet units, the T-72 was deployed within the USSR and exported to non-Soviet Warsaw Pact armies and several other countries. In addition to production in the USSR it has been built under license in Czechoslovakia, India, Poland and former Yugoslavia.

Pictured here is a 1:72 scale Soviet T-72B main battle tank studded with explosive reactive armor. Sold Out!

Length: 4-inches
Width: 2-1/4-inches

Release Date: March 2017

Historical Account: "Kontakt-5" - Kontakt-5 is a type of second-generation explosive reactive armour (ERA) originating in the Soviet Union. It is the first type of ERA which is effectively able to defeat modern armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) rounds.

Introduced on the T-80U tank in 1985, Kontakt-5 is made up of "bricks" of explosive sandwiched between two metal plates. The plates are arranged in such a way as to move sideways rapidly when the explosive detonates. This will force an incoming kinetic energy penetrator or shaped charge jet to cut through more armour than the thickness of the plating itself, since "new" plating is constantly fed into the penetrating body. A kinetic energy penetrator will also be subjected to powerful sideways forces, which might be large enough to cut the rod into two or more pieces. This will significantly reduce the penetrating capabilities of the penetrator, since the penetrating force will be dissipated over a larger volume of armour.

Newer KE penetrators like the US M829A3, were "driven by the need to counter KE-effective explosive reactive armor (ERA)".

Relikt was designed by the Russian army in response to the new developments. Relikt is the 3rd generation Russian ERA, and is claimed to be twice as effective as Kontakt-5. It can be installed on T-72B and T-90 tanks and adopted in 2006.[5] As of 2013, only the T-72BM 'Rogatka' introduced in 2006 has Relikt ERA. The Russian Army T-72B3M main battle tank incorporates Relikt. Developed by NII Stali, Relikt utilizes a completely new composition of explosives to achieve dynamics protection. Unlike Kontakt-5, it works equally reliably against both low-velocity and high-velocity missiles, doubling protection against shaped charges and increasing anti-tank guided missile protection by 50 percent. Relikt defends against tandem warheads and reduces penetration of APFSDS rounds by over 50 percent.

Kontakt-5 armour is employed by Russia, Ukraine, India (T90-S) and Serbia (on M-84AS MBT), among others. Ideas have been drawn up for a new type of ERA called Kaktus which has been developed, although it has yet to be deployed. Malachit - the latest generation (4th) Russian explosive reactive armor. Mounted on Armata project vehicles.

  • Diecast construction
  • Rotating turret
  • Elevating gun
  • Realistic painting and weathering
  • Rubber tracks

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