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Passenger Liners of the World

Legendary Passenger Liners of the World

They are the stuff of legend. They are the monstrous passenger liners that sailed the world's oceans at a time when luxury and comfort came at a premium and air travel was still in its infancy. These are the iconic ships that criss-crossed the high seas, braving storms, icebergs and territorial disputes that could easily lead to their demise. These are the Legendary Passenger Liners of the World.

From concept through to final production, we're sure you'll be proud to add any and all of the Legendary Passenger Liners of the World to your military collection. This series encompasses several dozen different models scaled at 1:1250 and represent some of the most important warships that emerged from the Second World War. Each introduction is produced in 1,002 piece lots and comes packaged in a handsome acrylic display case and etched display base. Best of all, each comes bundled with a numbered collector card, meaning they're available in very limited numbers.

-- Updated December 20th, 2022 --

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