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Amercom Ships of War Collection

Amercom Ships of War Collection

Ships of War is an exciting collection of warships that have helped shape our history. These superb models, scaled at 1:1,000, build into a remarkable collection. Each model has amazing detail and is true to the original. The accompanying magazine is fact-filled and builds into an encyclopaedia of the world's greatest warships - an indispensable reference source that will be returned to time and again.

#AMERCOMSHIP01 - Imperial Japanese Navy Yamato Class Super Battleship - Yamato [With Collector Magazine] (1:1000 Scale)

-- Updated January 8th, 2020 --

New Product Showcase

One of the nice things about our new site is that it now allows us to highlight some of the more noteworthy items being released by each manufacturer. In the case of Amercom, what follows is a list of some of the more intriguing products that have just arrived which we feel would be of interest to the savvy collector.