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World War II Gift Set #5: Bocage Country - Sd. Kfz. 7 Prime Mover & 88mm FLaK Gun (1:32 Scale)
World War II Gift Set #5: Bocage Country - Sd. Kfz. 7 Prime Mover & 88mm FLaK Gun

Unimax Forces of Valor World War II Gift Set #5: Bocage Country - Sd. Kfz. 7 Prime Mover & 88mm FLaK Gun

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"If the tank succeeds, then victory follows."
- Major-General Heinz Guderian, "Achtung Panzer!"

Development of the Sd. Kfz. 7 can be traced back to a 1934 requirement for an 8-ton half-track. The vehicle first appeared in 1938 and was destined to be used mainly as the tractor for the 8.8cm flak gun. The Sd. Kfz. 7 was an extremely useful vehicle, employed both as a weapons carrier and prime mover by the Wehrmacht. They also saw service as observation and command posts for V2 rocket batteries. The vehicle could carry up to 12 men and a considerable quantity of supplies, as well as pulling up to 8000kg (17,600 lbs) of equipment. Most were fitted with a winch, which enabled them to pull smaller disabled vehicles out of mud or other quagmires. A mainstay of the German Army, the Sd. Kfz. 7 was even admired by the enemies of the Reich. In fact, the British tried to make exact copies of captured Sd. Kfz. 7s and some vehicles were appropriated for use by the Allies after World War II.

Originally developed as an anti-aircraft gun, the 8.8cm FLugzeugAbwehrKanone ("Flak") was first employed in the anti-tank gun role in 1936, when the German Condor Legion was testing out its equipment during the Spanish Civil War. Amazingly, German war planners had designed the gun as an AA weapon with a heavy cruciform platform and central fire control operation, not as a multi-purpose anti-tank gun with proper anti-tank sights. Nevertheless, its capability was seen and quietly noted by commanders operating in the field. While the gun was occassionally used in the anti-tank gun role during the Polish and French campaigns, it wasn't until the Afrika Korps joined battle in Cyrenaica with the British Eighth Army that the "88" really showed its prowess as a tank killer. Here the tactical situation was such that it was possible to deploy the guns in their anti-aircraft role in positions that would allow them to be re-trained as anti-tank guns. Moreover their range and penetrating power enabled their crews to dispose of British tanks long before the enemy was close enough to engage the guns with their own two- or six-pounder guns.

This two piece gift set consists of a German Sd. Kfz. 7 prime mover (#UNI80247H) and a towed 88mm FLak gun (#UNI80234H). When purchased separately these vehicles would cost $119.98; your price $109.99. Sold Out!

  • Diecast metal and plastic construction
  • Working wheels
  • 88mm gun can be towed behind the Sd. Kfz. 7 prime mover
  • Figures included
  • Comes with assorted gear and other accessories

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