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Oxford Diecast Military Vehicles

Oxford Diecast Military Vehicles

Both high quality and value priced, these detailed reproductions of World War II's most famous Allied and Axis fighters and attack planes feature finely textured surfaces, a well-equipped cockpit with a glazed canopy, authentic markings, and a customized display stand with information on the plane and pilot. The range presently includes 14 different aircraft with 8 more anticipated to launch within the next several weeks. As great as that is, though, here's the really amazing part: when we say 14 different aircraft, we mean 14 different aircraft! That's right: none of the 14 are re-paints, and none of the 8 will be, either.
Oxford Diecast is focused on making great aircraft but does not plan to issue second paint schemes for any of its aircraft in the short-term. With Oxford Diecast, every model is unique.