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  HALO 3 Series 2 Arbiter Action Figure (1:12 Scale)
HALO 3 Series 2 Arbiter Action Figure

McFarlane Toys HALO 3 Series 2 Arbiter Action Figure

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McFarlane Toys MF18245 HALO 3 Series 2 Arbiter Action Figure (1:12 Scale) "I will have my revenge on a Prophet, not a plague!"
- The Arbiter, from the game "HALO 3"

The current Arbiter was the former so called "incompetent" Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice, the fleet that destroyed Reach.

Previously serving as the Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice, the Elite later to be known as the Arbiter led the massive Covenant assault fleet that successfully destroyed the UNSC fortress world of Reach, crippling the UNSC's shipbuilding effort and opening up an invasion corridor to the Human homeworld of Earth. However, his inability to prevent John-117 from destroying Installation 04 and capturing the Ascendant Justice led to his disgrace and dishonor by the Covenant High Council, who condemned him to be hung by his entrails and his corpse paraded around the streets of High Charity as an example to others. Instead, the Prophet Hierarchs of Truth and Mercy suspended his sentence and allowed him the choice to become a new Arbiter for the Covenant, to face the threat of the Heretics, and regain the honor lost by his disgrace. The former Supreme Commander accepted.

Pictured here is an Arbiter action figure from the hit game series, as well as accessories. Sold Out!

Height: 6 inches

Historical Account: "Under Quarantine" - The Arbiter was sent to the "Quarantine Zone" on Installation 05 to retrieve an item needed to activate the Halo, the "Sacred Icon", though not before witnessing the replacement of Elite Honor Guards with Brutes. Fighting his way through the Sentinel Wall to deactivate the Library's shield, he was forced to make his way on foot to the Library, though aided by the remaining SpecOps forces of Rtas 'Vadumee again. Eventually reaching a Gondola, he and the commandos made their way to the library in relative safety, though forced to fend of Flood controlled-armor resistance and Forerunner constructs. The Commandos chose not to accompany the Arbiter to the "Icon," instead protecting their Gondola, believing it to be their only way of escape despite Tartarus' Phantom present.

The Arbiter proceeded into the Library, encountering the remains of a battle between Marines and Flood Combat Forms, and witnessed Commander Miranda Keyes and Sergeant Johnson retrieving the Index. He incapacitated Johnson, and disarmed Keyes before Tartarus and his Brutes joined the fight, with Tartarus capturing Keyes, and claiming the Index. Following orders from the Prophets, Tartarus pushed the Arbiter off the Index Platform with a pulse from his Fist of Rukt, expecting this to be the end of the Arbiter.

  • Plastic construction
  • 18 points of articulation
  • Comes with additional accessories

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