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Corgi Tanks and Diecast Military Vehicles

Corgi Tanks and Diecast Military Vehicles

Corgi, the leading name in diecast scale models and one of Britain's best known brands, has been producing models for over 40 years. Corgi's famous model vehicles captured the imagination of millions of baby boomers and, what were once simply toys for boys, are highly sought-after in the expanding collectibles market.

The Corgi brand was created by the Mettoy Company of Northampton which first started to produce colourful, pressed metal toys in the 1930s. The name Corgi (after the Welsh dog) was chosen for three reasons: first, because it was short and catchy; secondly because the models were to be produced in Swansea and thirdly because of its strong association with the Royal Family.

#CC60011 - German Krauss-Maffei Sd. Kfz. 7/1 Prime Mover with Quad AA Gun and 3 Figures - Winter 1944

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Egyptian T-34/85 Medium Tank Egyptian T-34/85 Medium Tank (1:50 Scale)

The T34/85 tank was first produced during the winter of 1943-44 as a response to the growing presence of German Panther and Tiger tanks. It had a new 85mm gun mounted in a cast steel turret originally developed for the KV-85 heavy tank. The rest of the tank was virtually unchanged from the original T-34/76 apart from an enlarged turret to provide space for three crewmen. This enabled the commander to fulfill his main function of commanding the tank rather than helping to serve the main gun.

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